Green mesh cages


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I may have inadvertantly discovered something. The second cage I built was in green mesh. It drove my cham nuts trying to get through it. I wonder if because is was green, he associated it with being able to crawl through it, not be held in by it? He was not this way in his other black and white mesh cages. What do you all think?
It very well could be confusing the cham … thinking its foliage that it can navigate through. My veileds cage has green mesh (PVC coated hardware cloth), but I never noticed that type of reaction. I wouldn’t give up on the green mesh completely … it may learn that it can’t get through it given time.

Thank you Roo.... But I think I'll sell this cage... I've made another that is less attractive but more functional and meets total specifications. I think I really like this cage building and want more chams just for an excuse. lol
and want more chams just for an excuse. lol

Be careful what you wish for. I went hog wild with a bunch of different species of leaf chameleons and quickly found out it was too much. I ended getting rid of a few species and havent regretted it one bit. I know have more time to focus on what I have now.

I hear you loud and clear Roo. Everyone says I spend WAY too much time with just Fractal, much less others. Except that I would just be chopping more salad at a time etc. I used to have 24 animals and 74 plants. My place was a real jungle, but people loved it. I kept it so clean you never caught smell of anything even remotely like a pet store. But chameleons are definitely high maintenance. Just that I'm hooked, you know?
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