Gravid vs Not Gravid???


So this is my first time doing this kind of thing. And my 1st time as a chameleon owner.

I've had Cami, my veiled chameleon, for over 3 months now... She's about 7months old.. I think.

I've read a few threads and what I'm understanding is that a chameleon is only "gravid" if she has fertile eggs?? Otherwise she has egg sacs that can either be absorbed naturally or laid and just be infertile eggs???

She has always been a hefty eater, but looks bigger than usual. An exotic reptile store owner thought she was at least a year old... But she grew extremely fast and big! To put her size and growth in perspective... she was about less than an inch (not inc the tail), when i got her. She is maybe 4ish in. now?? (again, not inc the tail) She isn't displaying any colors outside of her norm. I have placed a sandbox next to her potted plant about a month ago, but she seems uninterested in it. I'm just paranoid about all this eggbound talk!
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