Gravid Veiled behavior?

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    What is considered "normal" gravid female Veiled behavior? I'm aware she will eat less, hang around in the bottom of her cage, and possibley be more aggressive than usual.

    She is in her normal cage with a lay bin of moist sand in the bottom. Front door is covered for privacy. My misting system is automatic and I feed her through a trap door so she can't see me when I give her food.

    I monitor her 24/7 through an IP camera and I've noticed a behavior I've never seen in her before she was gravid. She will sit on the very edge of her bin and slowly pan her head from left to right. She will also shoot her tounge out at nothing but gets a bit of sand and swallows it. She doesn't shoot it out very far, maybe 4".

    Is this normal behavior for a 12M old female Veiled pregnant for the first time?

    The pic below is where she has been spending about 75% of her time over the last week.

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    Veiled females often eat sand or soil when gravid which is why we need to use substrates that will pass through them without causing impactions. It's said that they are looking for nutrients. What do you feed/gutload the insects with specifically? What do you feed her? What supplements do you use specifically and how often for each? How old is her UVB light?
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    Gutload for feeders, all done 24 hrs before feeding to chams- basil, mustard greens, squash, apple, carrots, oranges, mango, kale, blackberry, and green beans. I also have basil and green beans growing in her cage, she eats a lot of them. I actually grow nearly everything I use for gutloading myself except for the mangos.

    Feeders- her staples would have to be Dubia Roaches, crickets. Then silkies, meal worms, super worms, wild dragon flies, wild locust, wild moths, BSFs, not necessary in that order. Over the last month or two we have been using the wild caught locusts/grasshoppers a good bit more. No animal protein.

    Supplements- with D3 every 15 days, Vitamins every 15 days but never within 5 days of a D3 day, Without D3 every day not a D3 or Vitamin day.

    My male veiled gets the exact same diet.

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    Forgot the UBV- No UBV light up until a couple weeks ago, now she has a new Reptie 5.0. I live in southeast Louisiana so up until the first time she mated she got at least one hour of direct sunlight every day, usually all day Friday -Sunday.
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    I can't see anything wrong with what you're feeding, etc.
    It is normal for them to do this when gravid and even to strip pothos plants bare so there must be a reason for it.
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    She has a huge pathos, not a leaf missing from it...

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