Gravid or not


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This is my female Jackson is she gravid or not?


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Was she breed? How old is she? Are you tracking her weight to see if it is increasing?

How many times have you seen the male attach?

These are all factors that can help us determine if she is gravid.

She looks like she could be but we also don't know how big she was a month ago before supposed gravidness.


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She has been I a cage with my male for like 1 1/2 months,I do not know how old she is but when I bought her I was told that she was 2 weeks from breeding age,No I am not tracking her weight but when I held her she fell heavier than she was because she used to feel like she was really really light and now she has a little weight to her but that could be that before I bought her she was caged with 9 other chameleons but the cage was almost 2 times my cage.

I have not seen them attached but I came home from school and he was climbing off of her.


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I have seen all 10 of the them eat and drink, I don't really know what slugs are :eek::eek::eek:. The mom is bouncing back great she eat 10-15 mealworms and drank a lot of water.
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