Gravid Female Still Has Not Laid


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You said.."Her basking temps are low 80's and she gets fed 2-3 insects every 2-3 days"... When did you start feeding her this little and hen did you start keeping the temperature in the low 80'sF?


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Idk if this may help bc my female has only laid one clutch so far but this was my experience:
-Receptive 30 days in October
-Became receptive again at the end of Jan for only two weeks
-Finally laid 33 eggs 1 March

I was weighing her every week since October and only noticed a slight gain over the months up until the end of Jan, so she was probably already gravid. Then at the end of feb she got really restless for a couple days and was lower in her cage. I have a camera so I just happened to look and she was digging. It took about a week for her to dig and lay her eggs. Her weight gain was subtle so I was not sure if she was really gravid. But when she was ready she went to work. As long as your husbandry and set up are good she will lay her eggs. It was stressful waiting but she did fine.


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Here’s a pic of my lady Grumpy (she’s quite sweet though). She’s looked like this for the better part of a year and hasn’t laid any eggs since Feb of 2020. She looks plump and lumpy in the pic because of her position. When she stretches though, her back end is signs of eggs and no signs of laying. She’s eating, basking, eliminating and active, so I gave up worrying months ago. When she’s ready to lay, everything is ready for her. Naturally, I do stay alert for signs that something may be wrong, as I do for all my animals.
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