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My Cham is laying for the first time right now she started digging yesterday around 4:30 pm, it's currently 7:30 where i live and I'm a little worried. I know I've heard that when they lay it can take up to 72 hrs, I'm just concerned because last night when i went to bed i peeked in at her and she was in her little hole head first and i could see her back half and i just peeked at her again and she is in the exact same position, just skinny now, she isn't moving but i can see that she is breathing. I just would imagine that if she was laying the eggs she would be face up/butt in the dirt. Her hole is more horizontal than i was expecting so she could be laying the way she is right now. I would take a pic but i think that would just stress her out and i want to leave her be as much as possible. I set up her laying bin yesterday but i noticed Sunday evening she was scratching the floor, i dont know if she was doing the same thing over fri/sat cause i was away for the weekend and I'm hoping she isn't eggbound. If anyone has any info from past experiences that might help me out that would be much appreciated. I don't know if the cham info sheet thing is needed for this post but i'll fill it out anyways.

Chameleon Info:
Handling -since we moved (April 1) three once when moving and once sunday, once monday. She used to love to be handled.
Feeding - crickets, she wont really eat anything else but spiders, and i have cricket pellets i feed the crickets. feed her every other morning, she hasnt been eating as much recently because shes gravid but normally maybe 6-9(depending on the size) crickets every other day.
Supplements - every feeding i give her zoo med repti calcium without d3 and twice a month i give her the zoo med repti calcium and exoterra multivitamin
Watering -I have a small misting system it goes for like 30 seconds every 3 hrs or so.
Fecal Description -never been tested for parasites, poops pretty normal, the usual brown and white.
Cage Info:
Cage Type - 1.5x1.5x3 ft
Lighting - bulb is exoterra solar glo 125w uva uvb heat bulb, right now her schedule is about 8a-8p im thinking about shortening it since its winter and the days are shorter.
Temperature - from about 29-31C at the very lowest to 33C at the very highest(its been alot warmer at my new place but i replaced my 160 w bulb yesterday with a 125 so i think it will cool it down a bit).
Humidity - always between 50-60 about 54 most of the time
Plants - i have a ficus plant in the center of her cage and fake vines and ivy wrapping around the sides of the cage in a spiral (For laying i have a large 5 gal i think paint container i lined with a garbage bag, top soil and a small ficus on the side)
Placement - cage is in the corner of my bed room, not a lot of traffic we are in the bedroom often though, not near any vents, about 2 ft away from floor and ceiling (apprx), right next to a window
Location - Victoria, B.C. Canada

this is her here as you can see she is pretty thick


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If she is in the bin, just let her lay the eggs and take as much time as she needs (within reason).

When she is done she will quit laying at the bottom and probably come and bask or something.

Could you post a picture or describe what your problem is some more?

EDIT: She is definitely gravid. I would get her a laying bin (look up chameleon laying bin and then find a way to get one) and then put her in it for as long as she needs.

I am not experienced with females and laying so I don't know the specifics. Someone else will come along and help you.
Could you post a picture or describe what your problem is some more?

lol there probably, hopefully isnt actually a problem. the problem is that I'm just stressing out about it, should probably just try to chill.

I just wanted to know that her behavior is normal for her laying:p
If she looks skinny now she may be all done laying and is not covering the hole up. She will turn the "wrong" way round when she is covering up the hole. All that digging is a lot of work so it is not unusual to see her resting...

I would leave her alone for now
thanks Dez that is probably what she has been doing:)
it just freaks me out to see her so still during day time but im sure she has been very busy today.
I swear us chameleon owners are always stressing over every little thing =P I absolutely love my guys, but damn do they ever stress me out!
Let us know how it goes and if everything is alright! I've heard that an increase in calcium is very beneficial for a female after laying because so much stress is put on her bones, and the eggs take a lot of calcium as well.

Also, always good to see people from BC on here :)
I absolutely love my guys, but damn do they ever stress me out!

Boy do they ever! Thanks for the tip btw I'll be sure to give her food a good dusting when she is done. I'll post when she is done (hopefully soon) or if anything changes.

Thanks for making me relax a little guys :)
She is done laying now, and is doing fine. I was freaking out for nothing :rolleyes:. She finished at about 4:30 ish today.


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