Gravid Brev?


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Hey guys, i was hoping you could give me some good advice, as you always do! I purchased two Brevs from the Eastbay Viviurm about 3 weeks ago and i think i have two females. they are very docile with one another and i have never seen them show any sign of agression (even when they are near one another.) When i bought these two Brevs, i made sure that i picked the healthiest, fattest ones. Although these two seemed to be plump and fleshy, they did not appear to be noticeably gravid. Now one particular female seems to have become much more plump. She is to the point where she appears bulbous. By looking at her, could you conclude that she is gravid, strictly based on her appearance? Here are some pictures of her. Once again, i really appreciate the feedback!:D
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When viewing the oicture with the two brevs, the one that i suspect to be gravid is the one on the top part of the vine, closer to the left.
Emmmm Eggs soon you will have... Strong was the force form her boyfriend last... lol I just had that movie in! /end yoda voice
I love the Yoda talk...who knew he was an animal OB/GYN? They both look like females to me. Yolanda isn't nearly that rotund...guess she has a while to go....
Awesome! This is fantastic news! Yeah, Yoda pwns all! I shall name the fattest, healthiest one, Yoda! Thanks again you guys and gals!
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