gravid after giving birth?


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I read on a blog that about two weeks after the jackson chameleon gives birth she mates again and three months later will have new babies... is this true? how many times can jackson chameleons be gravid?


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You should never breed a female again that fast even if they do go receptive. Females should have a minimum of 6 months in between breeding. It is very hard on them to give birth once let alone that fast again.

Also female chameleons can retain sperm, meaning if they breed once, they can lay or give birth and then have another clutch again without mating a few weeks later.


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retained sperm

I have to disagree with the previous post. as most chams can retain sperm, it is accepted among most that jacksons do not retain sperm. i've been breeding them for a while now, and none have ever given birth without actual copulation. i may be wrong, but every book and article i've read seem to be in agreeance. hope this helps. ps: definitely give her time between litters. Let her skip cycles. you'll know by her coloring.
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