Got a cham for the first time


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So hello this is my very first post and my very first cham I'm REALLY HAPPY to have a beautiful girl but I'm not sure what kind it is can anyone help me? I've had her for 3 days and I'm really looking forward to keeping her :D


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Where did you purchase her? Weird that whoever you bought her from didn't tell you what she was. Unless it is a WC, that is.
Not sure what that is. Looks sort of like a Meller's, but I know it can't be because it doesn't have neck flaps.


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It was purchused at out local pet store I'm not sure which I got it as a bday gift on Friday I wish they would've told me what kind it was whats a WC?


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Well 1st off you have a female Jacksons chameleon not sure on the subspecies atm possibly a Xanth. Wc stands for "Wild caught".


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WC is "wild caught" but it could be CB "captive bred"

anyway you have a female jacksons:) i agree its a T. xanth

i'd suggest removing the dirt or coconut fibers on the floor(substrate) it can priduce mold/bacteria and can cause impaction to your cham if it eats off of it by catching a bug

you will find the forums to be a very helpful place:)

ask questions and do your research
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