Good Eggs?


Hello, My female Ambilobe laid eggs on 06/21/10- and one looks like one is going bad- What do you guys think? It has a translucent spot, but I can see veins. Aren't the eggs too old to be showing veins still? The wait is killing me... I hope they are all good and hatch soon!


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Can't see are too small...but is that a bead of sweat on the one in the left picture..upper left egg? Also..translucent areas occur not long before hatching as a rule.
pics are too small, i see the bead of water on the top left egg, could also be vermiculite but i hope ur egg is sweating for you, had a clutch hatch over the christmas period but 3 eggs didnt hatch, 1 hatched this week on tuesday and another egg sweating last night and was looking transparent.

try getting bigger pics up, if your eggs have gone a few months then they should be fine.

good luck
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