Going to be in LA soon


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I just found out that I'll be in LA for several days in a couple weeks for a work thing but I'll have enough time to check out the city too. I know that there are a ton of members in Cali, and I'd love to meet a few of you. I'll have a company car, so I can maneuver around.

So if anyone wants to meet up for some coffee or something, shoot me a PM. I think I'll be there starting on the 14th, and work won't really start until that following Monday.
Apparently I might be going a couple days earlier, so possibly the 12th. I have a couple coffee dates set up but since I still don't work until Monday, I have MORE time to kill. I'd love to meet a few more people, since I'm only in California about once every 10 years.

You guys know where to reach me!
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