going outside!


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anyone knows how long do the new chameleons have to settle in and get used to their new environment, before you can take them outside and enjoy a 30min - 1hour of fresh air?
I took mine out the day I got them.

the sun is good for them, and can sometimes help settle them down.
When I first got my little guy, he patrolled his cage constantly exploring, since he was only a tiny 3 month old in a heavily planted 2x2x4. But in about 3 days, he chilled out and just assumed what I consider to be a normal laid back Cham lifestyle. I think when you notice a similar change of behavior this will indicate that most of the stress of the move has worn off. I think handling him to move him in and out during this exploration period might be a bit of unnecessary stress.
Hey you should be fine to take him outside once he starts eating should be a good sign.
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