Going on a Trip


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So I will be gone for the weekend and I was wondering if its better to take my cham to my girlfriends house so she can care for him on the weekend or should he stay home and should she just come over and feed him. I dont want to move him because I don't want him to get stressed out by new surroundings


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If everything's on a timer and it'sjust a couple days (2-3), I wouldn't worry about it. When I leave for short trips, I have someone check in once a day to make sure everything's still working, and don't even bother feeding Lily unless my sitter really feels like it. She can go without for a couple days!

Yup this, I have left my cham up to a week without food before. A juevenile shouldn't go that long, but an adult can.


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ive done 2-3 days (with mister and lights on timers) and he was fine. also had so black soldier flies buzzing around. he was fine. i wouldnt move him.

i have a 10 day trip coming up soon, but i can have my nephew stop 2-3 times and refill water resevoirs, and feed.
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