God in a cloud? you decide...


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The Macarthur Chronicle reports that amateur photographer Terry Bowen, 56, took the "God Shot" photograph from the back veranda of his house on February 2.



Personally I think it requires a great deal of imagination, but that's just me.
Atleast it's not on a cheese sandwhich! :)
Is this really a newsworthy story, or just a slow news day?
The video is somewhat easier to imagine...


I think it's only slightly better than the grilled cheese...

I do think it's a testament to the human imagination that we can see these known shapes in randomly appearing elements.

As to whether it was just a slow day, I don't know. People love stories like this.

At least with this, people won't be flocking to the site to stare at it endlessly.

It's always so sad when someone "sees" a vision in an empty billboard under the night lights...eventually the billboard company sells the space and all these people are so upset at having their "mystical vision" papered over.
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