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I know I've been away from the site for the last few months, but school really overwhelmed me this semester. As a result, I also had to quit my job at the pet store just so I would have time to study. I stopped by the store for the first time since January, and discovered the worst.

About a week ago a student dropped off a male veiled chameleon saying that he didn't want him anymore and that his parents wouldn't let him take it home (I live in a college town). My boss said that the guy just let him walk around his house without a cage (just like JoJo's previous owner did), and that she was going to call me to see if I wanted him after finals week was over.

Long story short, I took him home with me, and I guess that I'm taking care of another MBD chameleon. I don't mind at all. This guy is a little cutie. I've been calling him Otto, and I think it suits him.

So far, I think that one of his wrists is broken because he hisses and tries to bite whenever I touch it, and I think that the tip of his tail is burnt from something. If the guy didn't have him in a cage, I can't imagine what it would be from. He is also losing the use of his tongue, but he is also very weak. I'm going to wait about a month to see if he starts using it again. Luckily he can still close his mouth, so his MBD isn't quite as bad as JoJo's was. Other than that, he has the typical MBD symptoms.

I have some pictures as well for the experts to see if they can spot anything that I might have missed. I am making a vet appointment for him for next week.




He's eating a cricket I gave him.









If you all want or need more pictures, let me know. Thanks!
Yeah, i'm here in MD and it's been raining cats and dogs almost all week. I hear Sunday's supposed to clear up though....

......from the pics he looks really dehydrated ala his sunken eyes....
He's incredibly dehydrated. When he pooped today, there was very very little urate, and what there was was dark orange. I've been trying to get him to drink all day, but I don't think he has had very much.

I also wanted to ask a question: he threw up last night, and it consisted of a bunch of crickets and what looked to be eco earth. Then today when he pooped, it looked like there was more dirt in there. Could the eco earth be what made him throw up?

I'm going to my mom's house in northern West Virginia, and she said it's horrible there with storms.
Wow! Poor little man, he's very Lucky to have you! I hope he gets better soon, and I'm praying Mother Nature wil give you some sun for him to soak up some rays. Thank you for taking him, good luck!
wow! I feel really bad for this guy, pains me :/
You're doing something wonderful, keep the good work up and let us know how he's doing.
Nicely done man, nice!
What do you guys think of doing splints on his legs? I saw someone on here before did it with their MBD chameleon with plastic straws. Do you think it would help?

GREAT NEWS: He does have use of his tongue!
Bad news, I woke up yesterday morning to leave for my parent's house, and he didn't make it through the night. I don't know what could have happened since his temps were fine and everything. There was some vomit next to him again. I guess there must have been more wrong with him than just the mbd.

Thanks to everyone for your support. I'm really sorry to be the bringer of bad news.
That's so sad. At least you took him and was willing to try to work with another MBD cham. It is possible that he had other issues too.
Aww man, that didn't last long. I was really hoping for a happy ending on this one. At least you didn't have enough time to form any sort of bond with him. Regardless of the outcome, you should be commended for doing what you could. Sorry for your loss. =/ Happy keeping!
Sorry to hear about your boy. I know how hard it is to take in a rescue and lose them. I rescued a female Jackson's and she passed three days later. I had a vet appointment for her the afternoon she passed. Only had her three days and I was so sad. It hurt even tho she was with us for such a short time...
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