Ghost, My baby veiled cham.


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here is ghost, my 5 week old male veiled chameleon. he is a little young possibly for me but i have done plenty of research so hopefully he will be a very happy little guy. he seems to be pretty happy and not scared of me too much:p

only problem i am running into now is the little crickets slide through the cage holes, so im working on a cup system, the breeder says they were starting to work on cup training them anyways. does anyone have a good idea of what depth cup i should use so they dont jump away on me?


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What kind of cage are you using that has holes big enough for the crickets to escape, do you have any pictures?


I use those plastic beer cups. They work great. I only use it to dust the crickets though. I usually hand feed my veiled by grabbing the crickets with tweezers and putting them somewhere he can see them... if they jump away I catch them again... if Mr. Pink doesn't grab them first. It didn't take more than a couple days before Mr.Pink learned what those tweezers mean, and he always comes right to me to get fed. :)


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heres a little update...

i took him to my parents house to show my little sister who was with me the first time i saw the chameleons at our local pet store and she fell in love with em right with me.

starting to turn brownish here

this has to be my favorite picture of him so far lol:

not his happiest colors
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