Getting used to each other

Hey guys. This would be my first time here and also my first chameleon. Her name is pickles. She is a vriled. Not sure how old she is. She hasn't gotten all of her colors yet and isn't fully grown. I've had her for about 5 days now and kinda learned what she wants in terms of food and space. She doesn't seem to mind me and will eat out of my hand without a problem. I want her to get used to handling mostly so I can clean her house without worrying about invading personal space and I also don't want to bump her in the process. We seem to have a mostly mutual respect. She will crawl on my hand but then crawl right off again. She has puffed up a couple times and hissed once when my fiance tried to hold her. Any tips?
Thank you so much guys. She crawled right onto my arm today after I set a bug back on my arm and once she was on there she didn't want to go back in her cage. We've been making lots of progress and she seems pretty happy.
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