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Hey there folks!
Been out of the reptile world for 10 years now, and planning on finally getting back into it! Not sure what this group is all about but looking for some tips. Planning on getting a panther chameleon (nosey be or ambanja) and building a custom cage. First step I was thinking of doing was buying all the items like; lights, tubing, pumps, etc and build the vivarium around that. what are peoples recommendations or dos and don't about building a chameleon vivarium? My plan was doing wood sides and back, with a glass front. Then use a fan to bring in fresh air and to control humidity. Also Im hoping to get a baby chameleon, so should i be putting it in a smaller cage at first? the plan was to put the chameleon in its forever home (48" x 24" x 48"). Any information would be great.


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Welcome! Here is a link to resource pages. They are very helpful.
In the search function on the forum you can search for specific words like Build and pull up other threads. My two cents I love Arcadia brand lighting and I use their supplements. I love the mistking brand misting system. If you don't want to build I adore clearside enclosures. The Large atrium might be of interest to you. :) Good luck in your venture! :)


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Check out FB Market place for old glass display cabinets. 75% of the work is already done for you and looks freakin awesome once converted!
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