Getting my isopods and springtales today! Need help


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I decided to start over with my Bioactive setup to get rid of the ants. This time I’m planning on setting up a culture of ISO’s and springtales. Instead of ABG mix, I am using sunshine mix 4. I’ll use that also for my new Bioactive setup.

Anyway... to setup the culture of ISO’s and springtales... do I need to culture them separate, or can I add them into one container? Logically, I’m saying I can put them together... but I wanted to make sure.

Also bought some cork flats (yes, I’m reading the heck out of this forum) but I won’t get them till later this week.

Anything I need to add, other than the sunshine mix and some food? What about air? How airtight does the container need to be?


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I'd keep them separate. That way they aren't competing for resources, but it is also easier to just "pour" spring tails out with water when needed. So it is easier to gather them when needed if separate.


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Keep em separated.

Then get like shoebox size bins for them :). And culutre them up. You can use AGB for the iso pod colony. Charcoal for the springs.


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I ordered them from Petco (sorry ya’ll, but I had not so great experiences with them getting to me alive, so I thought I could return to Petco) anyway, they send me only ISO’s, and no springtales. Now I have to edit for my spring tales from josh.

Did start the isopod culture tho. Boiling leaves and all. Can’t see much yet... but I probably shouldn’t peek into the container every 20 minutes.

I’m pretty sure I’ll get hooked lol
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