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Where to get insects

Bait shops are a good idea and crickets might even be cheaper there. Only problem they may not have the different sizes you need. I'll have to check it out.

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i live in georgia. i have found she loves wax worms. how often should i feed them?

Wax worms are very fatty and should hardly ever be a Cham feeder unless the Cham is under weight. Is there a reason you don't want to order online? That is what a lot of us on the forum do in order to keep a good variety of feeders.


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check the classifieds on this forum
check with local reptile clubs
check with local spider clubs
check with frog clubs
check with local bug and entomophagy clubs
check local classifieds / buy & sell websites (; kijiji; craigs list)


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they are just the ones from petsmart. they are kinda small though.

i would order online but i do not know good sites.

also i have started using a feeding cup well old water jug because she has ventured out to the tree on my porch. but the feeder cup is not going well. she does not eat from it unless i do not put worms in.
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