Getting first chameleon tomorrow!!!


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I've been wanting a chameleon for a little over a year now and after tons of research an preparation I've decided to go ahead and purchase one! Ive got my setup all ready and had a list of everything I got for my little man to be happy and healthy! Also, thinking of purchasing a mist system. For the time being he'll have a home made dripper system. Contemplating aqua zamp or the starter mist king system, but open to other misting systems; just want one that wont break, which one would be better for just one chameleon? Let me know if I've forgotten anything!!!

24 x 24 x 48 inch Aluminum Screen Cage

20" fluorescent hood fixture

Zoo Med 18" Repti Sun 5.0 UVB bulb

60 watt bulb for heat with fixture

Live umbrella plant, approximately 4ft tall (fits perfect in his cage)

Exo Terra Jungle Vine Small

Bamboo sticks for basking/perching spots

Rep Cal Calcium WITHOUT D3

Rep Cal Calcium with D3

Rep Cal Multivitamin

24 Hour Timer (for lighting schedule)

Flukers Digital Thermometer/Humidity Gauge

Zilla Digital Thermometer With Probe


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Good job on doing the research and getting everything prepped first. It seems like you have covered mostly everything cant think of anythng you missed yet. 2 things I would like to mention 4foot high plant in 4foot high cage, may need to be cut back a tad depending how close they can get to basking spot to avoid burns, as well some wood, If i am not mistake bamboo can be a slick surface for them to climb. Some people may rouch it up a bit with sand paper. other than that good job! when do you plan on getting it?


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I plan on getting an ambanja! He'll be a little over 3 months old.

And it's not exactly 4 foot, it's under the screen a bit, and I don't plan on putting the heat lamp directly on the screen top, it will be raised up a bit so that he won't get burnt :) Thanks on the tip about the bamboo sticks! I'll make sure to rough them up a bit so he has some texture to grab onto!

I'll be getting him Wednesday the 7th.
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