Georgia Update!

Hi Everyone! Thank you all so much for the advice a few weeks ago, Georgia is really coming along well.

To fill you in, Georgia is an appx. 3 year old female veiled chameleon that was relinquished to the vet practice I work at a little over a month ago. She could not open her eyes, and was extremely malnourished. I had to force feed her bugs and carnivore care for a few weeks, flush her eyes, and do a bunch of other treatments in order to start her on her road to recovery. Luckily though, the doctors determined that she did not have MBD, so that was a win!

She now has both of her eyes open and can see out of both, and is eating completely on her own. She eats 5 roaches a day from her feeding cup, and I see some bites out of leaves along the way. She gained 8 grams at her checkup this morning!! Her urates are white so she's drinking, and her color has really "greened up". She's still a grumpy lady and gets really mad when she sees my face, but I'll take it! We got set up with a really nice UVB double bulb T5 light fixture from with an arcadia 6% bulb and 6.5K daylight bulb, and she's absolutely loving it. I was also able to reorganize her cage so she can have an actual basking area, because I had to have all her vines very close to the leaves before so she could drink when she wasn't able to see. She's loving all the space to climb and get close to her bulbs now! We're really grateful for you guys and your expertise on here!

Question: Who feeds hornworms, and how do you feel about them? How many do you give per feeding?


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I feed hornworms. I only do 1 each feeding. But if you are having dehydration issues I have heard of others doing 2... Depending on their size. If Beman had his choice he would only eat hornworms and silkworms lol they are his favorite.
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