George Update!


It's been an incredible turn-around! He's looking SO much better now that we've had him in our care for just over 2 weeks. He's been eating like crazy... Nearly 2 doz crickets a day.... His poops are looking normal and he's becoming more energetic and more bold... This past week he's plowed thru 6 hornworms, and something near 200 dusted/gutloaded crickets (no D3 again till next weekend).

Plans still in the works to improve lighting and enclosure, but he certainly seems to enjoy just having the ability to hang out on top of the door.

Thanks again everyone for your assistance in nursing our guy back to health. Looking at everything now in hindsight, he's tame enough that he was probably dumped by his previous owners - or somehow escaped.. I would bet he was pretty close to starving and dehydrated when we got him.. and I couldn't be more thrilled with his turn-around.

(We'll be looking at new houses this coming week.. hopefully, we find something quick and can get in soon... once we have the place and idea of available space, we'll address the new enclosure and lighting.)


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