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  1. bobcochran

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    I don't do yellow body ambilobe. It's not that I don't appreciate them-they're gorgeous. I just don't have the time and room for too many projects. I try to focus! But every once in a while a male will pop up like this:
  2. Brodybreaux25

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  3. Matt Vanilla Gorilla

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    Love the colors! Handsome boy!
  4. Decadancin

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    Simply...En Fuego!!!! :cool:
  5. Lucasthecham

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    He looks like a hotcheeto or a takis chip. He’s beautiful !
  6. Darthroastcoffee

    Darthroastcoffee Avid Member

    Wow, amazing! How old is he?
  7. Tucklander

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    If I was a chameleon I’d wanna look like him :cool:
  8. bobcochran

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    I concentrate on RBBB ambilobe. Because his colors are intense, I kept him, thinking he would turn red body, ain't going to happen. He's about 14 months.
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