Gargoyle Geckos - My New Love


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Just got a trio of Gargs and I couldn't be happier. I wanted to share them here and see how many other people are into them. I am considering getting a trio of crested next.

First is my Striped Female

Next is my Orange Blotch Female
Pumpkin Fired Up.jpg

Then my Red Stripe Male

Thanks for checking them out



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These are not fully grown and the male is a little older then the female. I just got another female that is the same size but is a little heavier then the male but none of them will reach mature size until they are about 2 years old depending on if I supplement crickets or not.

I attached a photo with my new girl Leia (black and white) with the male from the previous photos. Also attached a photo with one of the other females from the previous photos. They are all very close in size now. I purchased them making sure their hatch rates were similar since they will beat up smaller ones.



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Gargoyle geckos are very interesting! I had one quite a while ago. I had some leaf tails and flying geckos too a long time ago.

Good luck with them!
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