Future panther, anything much different than veild?


I’m going to get a panther chameleon but I want to know if there is much difference in care than a veild.


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I made this list awhile back. Might be helpful.


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Ok. I was curious as I have veileds & use a 5.0.
Yeah, I think there are a ton of variables here. I use both a 6% and a 12% on every enclosure, which would seem excessive, but my uvi values at the various basking sites never go above six.
Is there any lights I can use for plant growth and UV or so I need 2 different ones
This will depend a lot on your specific conditions. Typically, our uvb bulbs do not throw out sufficient PAR to be the sole lighting for plants in our large enclosures. Personally, I think the t5 for uvb, plus 6500k LED for plant growth, combo is top notch.


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I know a lot of people use 10.0 with their veileds, but it really depends on how thickly planted their cages are. Personally I use 5.0 on my veileds because I live in FL and can take them out on the lanai regularly throughout the year (my male is currently out there). Also, I know their bloodline and this family of veileds has a history of cancer going back a couple of generations (they were never inbred, it's completely natural and I know the ancestry on both sides), and for those reasons I like to go with the 5.0.
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