Furcifer Campani laying.... any advice appreciated.


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I have a 1.1 of Furcifer Campani, the female is gravid, but just yesterday she started to lay. Any advice on rearing them or general information, since they are such a new species to be available in this country, would be appreciated. Ive had a Panther chameleon in the past. I have had quite a bit of difficulty finding any care information on this specific species. Thank you for your help.


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She laid one on the ground, so we put her in a dirt terrarium which she has proceeded to dig her tunnel in. She has been doing this for about an hour, I was planning on leaving her in there all day and taking her out tomorrow, so that she would have enough time to lay the full batch.


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Leave her in the dirt till she is done laying even if that means leaving her over night. Make sure to give plenty of privacy.

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Your going to have to prepare to incubate the eggs. I have not got experience with this species however they require a diapause to hatch. I would send Jurgen or Mario a PM for possible incubation temperatures.
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