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Hey all! So I have had my baby veiled for about a week now, and as a new cham owner, I started to notice some pretty funny things these guys do! Bruce is usually an acrobat, but today he was climbing across a vine that bent the longer he stayed on it. When he finally grabbed the vines he was reaching for, the one he was standing on catapulted back! He scared himself, and for the first time i saw him stress and turn brown -_-. So i was wondering, what are some funny things you have seen your chameleons do!


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I like when they try to decide whether or not to move. They put one foot forward then start to put the other one forward, but move it back and forth. I'm sure there's reason to that but it's still funny.

When I first got my baby, she would walk on top of the inside of the cage, so she was upside down. It was like something out of the exorcist. I'd look for her and she'd be on the top of the cage...


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I once took my veiled Ernie to work (I worked in a small office filled with beautiful potted trees and etc.) She spent the day free ranging, climbing around a palm. She went out too far on one of the weaker branches which had been leaning on another branch, and suddenly it was too much weight and the branch dropped! It bounced a bit, coming to a safe stop, (still attached to the tree of course) but my coworker and I just died laughing. Ernie was hanging on to it like a monkey, with wide eyes, afraid to move again.


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