FS: Female Nosy Faly!

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I have 2 female nosy falys. As of now I'm only letting 1 go. From Pams Chams lineage, I bought them from her once she started selling her stuff off as some other chams I have. They are going on 2 years, if im correct. Don't deal with WC. I'm only letting them go because I need the space, and no longer have time for all these chams. They are virgins I never had a chance to get myself a male but that was the intention when I bought them :eek: This is a deal for somebody that has a male! They both feed great on crix, supers, and silkies. I've never had a problem with these girls, will definetly make good breeders.

I'm asking $375 plus shipping. I want to only sell one and hold on to the other and get myself a male if one would come up, but might just consider selling both for $680+shipping. If you have a male available please message me.

Shipping is via UPS next day air, live arrival guaranteed. Please message me for a shipping quote. I cant post pics because I'm using my iphone, but can email some.

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