free range

I hand feed my chams every chance I get. For my baby I am cup feeding and won't be converting him over to free range until he's about six months old. Even when I begin converting him over to free range I will keep cup-feeding until I get him hand feeding on a regular basis.

In your cup you can line the inside sides of the cup with packaging tape as this is too slippery for the crickets to crawl up.
You just get about 10,000 and release them in the house :p.

but then you would need to have calcium dust blowing around your whole house......

back to topic. most of what I've read people cup feed with free range or offer prey that doesn't move far/fast (like some worms) hand feeding should also work if he/she isn't to shy.

my guy is still a bit young so he's still caged but I intend on free ranging when he gets older so I've been reading what I can. (90% of what he eats is hand fed or eaten as soon as I put it on the branch anyway)
ive always used a small plastic cage to hang on the side of the wall..i occasionally get a loose cricket but not too often, and horn worms and silk worm will crawl around on the tree for at least a week...seems too work for me..
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