free range sleeping???


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my female veiled chameleon fell asleep in her free range tree should I move her I don't want to scare the crap out of her she has been sleeping for about 3 hours


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No, I would just leave her, but make sure she is safe from any other pets(dog, cats etc). If she is in a room I would close the door. Bottom line is, if she awakes before you do, and climbs down, is she safe????


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she is small and I have two dogs two cats and a 5 year old I just don't trust my house
but here she is just before I moved her

I rubbed her until she woke up then moved her she did not freak that way


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I think you probably did the right thing there. I let my female fall asleep on a small plant in my kitchen, the next minute a very adventurous cat was prowling around the room.

Anything could have happened if I wasn't there so I think it's always a good idea to disrupt them in the kindest way possible then move them to a safer place.

They may pace the cage or just not sleep but once you leave they should settle back down.

BTW She is beautiful! Really nice colour.
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