Free (part) of Reptile Medicine and Surgery book on Google


Hey (not sure if this is the right place to post this)

I found a part of Mader's Reptile Medicine and Surgery for free on google books. Its a book about diseases, medicine and anatomy of reptiles.
It has a part in it on chameleon necropsy, parasites, husbandry and gout, among other things.
It's written by a group of veterinarians. I thought it was an interesting read!
Here is a link if youre interested: link to book


I have that book. My vet, Dr. Mader, is the author of that book and four others like it. They are mainly for other vets that are trying to learn how to work on Reptiles.

I recently purchased the hardcover version of the 3rd edition, because I wanted to have the full book :)
I am an university Biology student and am very interested in reptile physiology in general, so i decided to buy it.
Theres very interesting things in it, and its funny to see how it sometimes seems that reptile veterinarians do not know all the details of how to treat a reptile. It seems reptile treatment and husbandry still needs some fine tuning
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