Found these in my yard


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I’ve seen these before but can’t remember their name for the life of me. Found them randomly growing in my yard...


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I use a plant I'd app called pl@ntnet it's free and at least 90% accurate. Not stunned by it but for free and no permissions it's a great app.

These guys almost looks like the stem and flower of a bromeliad but it clearly isn't that. Your in Louisiana so my guess is it's a native weed or something that happens to bloom. You've got so many different biomes and ecosystems around you that it may be hybridization. I'd be happy to see flowers plants around my yard. I'm in s.d. my aloe vera and air plants just bloomed and im wowed


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I google image searched for you. It only came back with one option being an epiphyllum... Although when I went to this website it does not show it as a native plant. So I could be wrong lol. Unless they were planted there prior to you buying your place and are not a native species.
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