Found insect in soil!!!


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What up guys?
While I was watering my plants, I found a centipede like insect in my soil. I found one before killed it and ignored it, but this morning I found another. I found them both in my Draceana Fragrans. Could it be the topsoil I used to change the soil the plant was in?
centipede or millipede?

Millipede are harmless detrivores, they eat decaying plant, feces and other organic matter. Unless it's a centipede over 2+" its totally harmless too.

How do you suggest I get rid of them??

you can flood them. Take out your plant (do you have a back up you can put in for a week or so?) and put it in a bucket that is at least 1/2 the height of the pot. Water the plant until it starts running out of drainage holes and let it fill the bucket. This will saturate the soil, cut out oxygen and force living organisms to the top. This is how I get crickets, supers and super beetles out of pots - you might be surprised at what else surfaces!

Since this will also make your soil float I would place plastic canvas

or screen over the top temporarily so you don't lose much soil. Pick out any floaters and leave like this for 1/2 to 1 hour. then put it somewhere it can drain. Let it dry out some before placing back in cage so you don't end up with a fungus gnat problem.

Your other option is just poke around in the soil and try to catch them - well, good luck with that ;)
Thanks Lele but would this hurt my plant in anyway? I'm going to do it though lol. I have no choice. My plant I found these things in is a draceana fragrans, any risks?
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