Found in chams cage. Help?


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Your Chameleon - Female Veiled, approximately 5 months old, had her for about two weeks

Handling - Ive never handled her.

Feeding - Feeding her just crickets at the moment. I have an order of phoenix worms on the way. she eats 3-4 large crickets a day. (This is what she was fed at the pet store. Planning on getting smaller ones) Gutload with orange and red peppers.

Supplements - All exo terra brand. calcium everyday. calcium w/ D3 and multivit twice a month.

Watering - I have a dripper set up. I mist twice a day. Ive never seen her drink but she doesnt seem dehydrated.

Fecal Description - All white. sometimes with the occasional yellow speck. Whenever i spot clean the tank her feces is dried up. Its definately not watery. I dont know if she was tested for parasites. Im assuming she hasnt. The people at the pet store knew nothing. They gave her to me thinking she was a male.

History - No known history. She was at the pet store for a good couple of months before I bought her.

Cage Info:

Cage Type - Glass tank with mesh top. (I live in Newfoundland, Canada. Gets chilly) Tank dimensions are around 15'' Deep, 23'' long and 17'' tall. (This was a used tank so Im not sure of legit dimensions)

Lighting - During the day: Zilla Day white light 100w for basking and exo terra tropical UVB 100 13w. During the night: Zilla black light 75w. (Theres a fair temperature drop in the night)

Temperature - The top of the tank is around 81-82, bottom is 68-70. Not sure about the basking temperature. During the night the top drops to 68-70 and bottom is around 60. Using exo terra dial thermometer and hygrometer. I'm sure they're not very accurate. Also using a Zilla dial thermometer/hygrometer combo.

Humidity - Around 50% I mist and use a dripper.

Plants - No live plants.

Placement - Located in my room. Not a high traffic area. On my desk which is about 30'' off the floor.

Location - Newfoundland, Canada.

Alright, I found a squishy black/brown oval on the bottom of the tank below my cham. Someone please let me know if they know what this thing is! Shes usually all up around her cage exploring and whatnot but for the past 2-3 days shes just been sitting on her branch under the heatlamp. She still has a healthy appetite though. Its giving me the willies. Help me out here. Also, was wondering what the general age was for the egg laying to begin.
Here's some pictures:


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Looks like a piece of poop to me!! There are two parts to the poop/white/black or brown. White is the pee brown is the poop.
Hahah no way buddy. You problem is that your cham has a healthy poop.
That's right. For me it looks like a normal cham poop. Maybe a little one but still a poop.

You should check in few days if another will appear, if yes, that means that this is just a poop.
Well lord jesus H christ. haha I must look borderline retard! Always thought that the white was poop. Then means thats her first poop in two weeks. Is that normal?
Well normally they pee and poop together. The odds are she has pooped and the poop seperated from the pee(as it will sometimes) and then dried up in the plant pots, on the leaves, etc and you never noticed it until now.
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