Found a Jackson Chameleon and he won't eat, drink or open his eyes


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I live in Hawaii, and on my walk yesterday, I saw a jackson chameleon sprawled on the road. He looked like he might have been dead, but when I touched him he moved a bit. I picked him up and he curled up his tail and wouldn't move again. I have no experience with these animals, but don't want to leave him outside as the cats will eat him. He won't open his eyes, won't eat or drink, won't even open his mouth. I tried dropping some droplets of water on his mouth area, and he starts to turn black and slowly moves his head like he's aggravated. Is he dying? I am not sure what to do, and feel horrible just watching him die :(

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

Thank you


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I don't know if there is much you can do for him really :( Maybe he has an injury of some sorts?

I am sorry about the jacksons chameleon.

I know it is an urgent situation, but is there any way you could take a picture of him
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