for those with leopard geckos


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When i first got my leoparad gecko i knew nothing and still dont kno much about him. But wat i have found w/ my own is that he seems to be relaxing with just a few hiding spots and crickets r the only on his diet. Also i have never really gut loading or powdered the crickets and he has lived and is still living for 6 years!!!!! but for chameleons, a much harder pet, i am going to be dedicated on learning and taking care of 1
know of any good leopard gecko websites? im a new proud owner of a 4yr old tangerine carrot tail female...shes gorgeous.:D

hiya we kept leopard gecko's for a number of years and there's one thing ill say dont give him mealworms they can eat there way thru the stomachs if the leopard gecko doesnt chew them up properly.They can however eat wax worms but only as a treat because they are very fatty.
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