For Sale: Pair of late 2010 albino tiger retics

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Really nice pair of 2010 tiger reticulated pythons. They are both Bob Clark strands. The male is the het albino tiger, the female an albino tiger. They both eat frozen hoper rats 2 a feeding every 10 days. Both are very calm and not head shy at all. These snakes are beautiful but will get real big!! The price is $600 for them both or $475 for the female and $175 for the male. If you get both I will throw the cage in for free. Cage is stained red oak and inside is lined with Plexiglas and outdoor carpet on the back wall. Top is petscreen (PVC coated nylon) to prevent scratching. Doors drop down in front for a completely open cage. Local pickup only in Dallas TX. Email to [email protected] if interested. More pics at this link:

Thanks for looking!
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Price reduced to $400 plus shipping for the pair.

I am reducing the price on these to $400 for the pair since I am not a snake person and need to make sure these go to someone who knows how to work with them. If you are local to Dallas TX I will throw in the cage free. All offers will be considered. Thanks!
$400 shipped!!! Extremely good deal for some great looking great temperament retics. This pair should produce super tigers which are worth much more. A great breeding project for anyone into large snakes.
Thanks for looking.
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