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what is the best thing to use to keep the water in your reservoir warm for your misting system? i was thinking maybe a heat pad underneath but I'm not sure if that would work. any help is appreciated.
we use aquarium heaters. something like:

the trick is to not get one more powerful than you need. if you're just trying to keep a 5-10 gallons of water warm, the 50W versions work (and are probably even slightly overkill).

the chams seem to love the warm water.

thank you very much, i will look into one of those.
is there a risk or a certain one to get to prevent algae build up?
I don't know about specific makers, we've just gone with ones that had good reviews on amazon and haven't had any problems.

Algae seems to be ok (i.e. nonexistent) as long as you don't have the water sitting in sunlight. We use reservoirs with lids and they are fine. The water gets drained and refilled a few times a week, so there's not much time for algae to grow and the lids block the light.

You'll want to clean the reservoir regularly.

If algae does end up being a problem, circulation and aeration (like with an air pump and air stones) would be my personal preference over adding chemicals to drinking water... but the combination of an aquarium heater, air pump, and circulation pump will almost certainly be deemed overkill by most keepers. Not sure of the cost relative to buying chemicals if you were comparing that option.
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