For ExoTerra Waterfall Owners...

What was it Heika used to say? "Just because the product has a picture of a chameleon on it doesn't mean it's for a chameleon."
Waterfalls are a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria, not to mention a cricket killer and often times a chameleon's first choice for a toilet.
We need to think about how chams drink and where their water comes from.
Rain and dew, very clean fresh water.
The best way to replicate this in captivity is with drippers and misters that are filled daily with fresh clean water.
Recycled water in a fountain or waterfall, even when filtered, doesn't come close to being clean enough.
Lots of animals including many reptiles and amphibians are well served with a waterfall....chameleons are not among them.
Best to remove it and it's potential to make your animal sick.

Makes sense, Luckily it hasn't been in there long enough to create any problems, what a shame though it was expensive.

Best to remove it and it's potential to make your animal sick.-Brad
Consider it done, thanks for the advice. As for the fogger?
You know, I've never had one but all I hear is how often they stop working and how short a lifespan the "element" has.
Is it possible you could return these things?

Afraid not but no worries I'll put them to use in a garden for now :)

Also while removing the waterfall i noticed plenty of dead crickets and poop built up on it, excellent call sir cant thank you enough
I had one too before this forum corrected now there's no water in it and it's an expensive rock decoration in my cham's cage. :p
I've had the water fall for almost s year now, every now and then a cricket will die but not that many get up in the system. Overall I would recommend it because although you have to clean it every week, it provides humidity and water for your chameleon. I've seen him drink from it and he seems to not use it as a toilet. Now, as long as you use distilled water you should be fine from bacteria. Great product.
IMHO waterfalls are a hassle. They don't raise the cage humidity all that much unless they are splashing a lot of the cage foliage. Most chams don't drink from them...occasionally one may, but I still don't want my chams drinking potentially contaminated water. If you are misting and/or fogging the cage the waterfall isn't adding much. I would never clean one out once a week. Using distilled water won't keep it cleaner, because as soon as anything falls into it all it will do is recirculate the contaminated water over and over. The contaminants end up spreading throughout the pump system so the water will never be as clean after that unless you decontaminate the entire system.

On top of this I don't like their looks...that fakey rock thing just doesn't appeal to me.

As for the fogger, it depends what type you have. A small terrarium fogger with the open water pool can die if the nebulizer disk is damaged; either when it runs dry (so if the water volume is small you can't run it all the time without checking it), if something falls onto the disk (bit of shed, loose feeder, leaf), or there's a buildup of mineral deposits. If you use RO filtered or distilled water they tend to last longer, though you should clean it regularly with vinegar.
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