Food Websites?

I'm looking into buying some silkworms, some dubias, black soldier fly larvae, and some hornworms online. The silkworms and hornworms need to be tiny babies since Chryssa is just getting out of her adolescent phase; she isn't very big. Do you guys have any recommended websites that I could go to? The only one I know of is, and I want to explore my options before I go ahead with a purchase. Plus, JoshFrogs doesn't have a specification on the size of their hornworms... If you guys could just drop a name of where you get your food from, that would be wonderful! Thank you so much.


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I second for all things silkworm and for all others.


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I third Morifeeders, they are awesome!! For crickets I use Ovipost they rock too. That all I have feed so far.


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Mori feeders is great but would be a one stop shop now that they sell silks. If you contact them they can send you only the sizes you want for worms
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