Fluffy has passed on. :(


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Fluffy (she came with that name) passed on yesterday. She was my last veiled female and was over six years old. I had her for 4+ of those years. She was in a study before I got her. I found her dead on the floor of the cage so I hope she went quickly and peacefully. She will be so missed. :(
I'm so sorry to hear that! She had a long happy life in your loving care. 6 years is wonderful for a female especially! True testament to your excellent care. My condolences for your loss. :(
Lynda, I am so sorry to hear about Fluffy. I know she will be very sadly missed. You have my most sincere condolences.
Awww, how sad. I thought my female had a good long life at 3 years, but 6 years is a brilliant achievement! Sleep tight Fluffy. :(
Lynda that is awful. I just had that happen to my quad, Lenny. Even knowing they are old it is still so sad for us. I know that cham could not have had a better life that Fluffy had with you. Hoping you wonderful spirit heals soon.
Thanks for all the condolences and comments.

I knew she was getting near the end. She had "nubbly" toes that I've seen quite a few of them get in old age and wasn't quite as agile as she was in her youth.

A lot of my female veileds live to be six and some over seven so I was hoping she would be with me a little longer but at the same time I didn't want her to suffer.

She will be missed.
I am so sorry to hear about your loss... Her being six years old would make it better (you gave her a great life) and worse (long time companion) at the same time. She was lucky to have you as her caretaker.
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