US Flightless fruit fly cultures for sale.

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This culture is containing drosophila melanogaster, and depending on when you receive the culture they will be between 3 - 14 days old. Do not feed off of the culture until it is atleast 14 days old. Each culture will be marked with a date that marks when it was started.

Drosophila melanogaster are about 1/16 of a inch and are ideal food for poison dart frogs, fish fry, praying mantis, young frogs, toads, and other reptiles, amphibians, or captive animals that require small foods. Each culture is made with my own fruit fly culture mixture containing vitamins, minerals that make my cultures produce an amazing amounts of flies.

Don’t forget to dust your flies with a quality calcium and multivitamin supplement to ensure optimal nutrition for your pets.

For optimal production, you should store the culture at 75 - 78F and 60 - 80% humidity.

Culture price is $8 each

I can ship as well for an additional fee for up to 2 cultures I would need your zip code to get a price quote and if you want 3-4 cultures It will be $18 for shipping.

Signature will be required to ensure they will not be left outside.

Please be sure to be available for delivery. If the package is not accepted the day of delivery, it will void live arrival. If in the instance of death on arrival. You must send me a message with photos within 1 hour of delivery
No refunds or returns of any sort
I will offer a credit for replacement but buyer pays for replacement shipping

I only ship on the following days to ensure the cultures do not sit at the post office over the weekends

Monday, Tuesday

Can only ship with in the us.

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