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Hey, I'm new here :)

I got my first Chameleon last week, a Fishcers Chameleon to be precise! He's a bit shy around me and will only eat when I've stepped back a good 10ft!



Looks like a glass one I would suggest moving him into 2x2x4 screen enclosure as soon as possible. Glass tends to stress them out as they can see there reflection and think it is another chameleon, though this doesn't nessacarily affect female montane spieces that can be kept together it certainly does to most other chameleons, fischers included. What temps do you have him at?

My first ever chameleon was a Fischer and to this day none have compared to him. Fischers are my absolute favourites. I hope he does well with you, he most certainly is beautiful:)
hi there! I also have a fischers cham. Make sure to keep him in a screen enclosure as the glass ones keep iin too much heat (I learned the hard way and the resuly was a burn). Also try to keep him at the lower range of heat. I found my guy likes it a little bit colder than normal. He shoould have lots of plants and shelter as these guys are a little bit cautious of us in general. I had problems with mine eating crix do u? He loves worms though. Good luck with your cutie pie, u will be amazed how quick they turn color (brown,black, green, dark green, yellow)
I'm sorry to say this guy passed away already.

The guy at the pet store has given it to a vet to have a look out and find the cause of the death. There was no noticeable signs visually as to why he died, he looked perfectly healthy.

The Owner said it was from a new supplier, and said he wont be using one them again.

That was a waterfall in the background but it was taken out the same day!

I now have a veiled chameleon in exchange for what happened to this little guy!

R.i.P :(

Same thing Ash-if you want this one to survive-get it out of the glass enclosure. Your last one could have very well died either from heat issues, or stress from seeing it's reflection. Sorry about you loss.
Yeah he got this guy and a veiled. He's going to speak to the supplier and ask whats going on, saying he won't use them again.

My new Veiled is in a full mesh enclosure, 38" x 15" x 15". I shall get some pictures later, after he's de-stressed :)

Thing is he didnt show any signs of distress. He was the same colour all the time as he was in the picture, he was eating everyday, and was drinking!

Thank you all

Ash, the fishers was more likely imported from the wild. The reasons it would die are plentiful and it would have probably had several contributing factors.

-Resistance to acclimation to captive lifestyle
-Stress, in conjunction with;
-disease & sickness

I would like to point out that it is evident in the photos that the chameleon had no fat reserves which is seen in the area on the head crest. The sunken area should be fairly level. During stressful times and when the chameleon does not eat, it will draw remaining nutrients from these reserves- however, often... and more often than not with wild chameleons, they cannot build up the fat reserves once more with food consumption because of the parasites that leech nutrients and energy from the chameleons food intake.

By the way, it IS possible to keep fishers in sizable ventilated- low temp aquariums. I believe Jerm (a member) as successfully done it long term.
Thank you Will. I shall take that into account, and also I will say on here what the Vet says.

Chamgirl, yep very bad shame :( Such a cool dude.


By the way, it IS possible to keep fishers in sizable ventilated- low temp aquariums.

the most people in Germany keep chameleons in glass-cages - with no problems. The point is, it need´s a good ventilation.

The topside of our glass-cages is gauze and we have a gauze-area on frontside. With this we get a good ventilation AND it is possible to keep the humidity high.

We keep a pair of Kinyongia multituberculata ......

(the male)

(she is a young female)

.... and a male Kinyongia matschiei in those cages.....

..... and they look good, eat and drink.

Important for the Kinyongias is a lower temperature, much light and fresh water.

I think the biggest problem of Ash was the waterfall. Maybe it is nice, but never ever put a waterfall in a chameleon-cage, because it is a real good way to breed bacteriums and infect the chameleon.

The most of the wild-caught chameleons are weakened and stressed. It needs only more stress or bacteriums and they will die.

For example - our K.matschiei we got in very bad condition....

.... and now he looks great:


Greetings from Germany, Peter
Old thread Peter, but damn your montanes look awesome!! I plan on putting some in a melamine enclosure with screen top and front.
Hello Peter,

Yes it is an old thread but thanks for the pics!!!!!!!:D The multituberculata look great and fantastic job on the matschiei! Your enclosure looks very very nice also. Do you house your Kinyongias together or separate?
Gorgeous chameleons and well done on their care. Thank you for sharing with us. How long have you had them? Have you had any clutches?
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