First time laying eggs


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I have a 10 month old veiled female cham who laid her first eggs yesterday. She laid 24 eggs (infertile) in her lay bin and a few she dropped on her enclosure floor. Today, I have kept her enclosure covered to give her privacy but figured I needed to feed her. (She also has had her dripper going at all times and i have been misting) She did not eat her crickets 2 days before she laid eggs and today I gave her a hornworm and calciworms that she was interested in and ate them. But I tried to give her a few vitamin dusted crickets and she did not eat them. Is there any reason as to why she would eat the worms and not the crickets? She also did this like horizontal head shaking thing when I tried to present them to her. Thanks!
Please post a photo of her from today.

Did she drop the eggs in the cage first and then lay the rest? Did she fill the hole in after she laid he eggs?

The head shaking might just be her showing annoyance.
You might want to try silk worms for her rn since she seems to prefer worms over the crickets. They're a lot more nutritious for her, too :) The hornworms are great for rehydrating her, especially after she's laid the eggs. She'll need rest, water, privacy, and as much food she can eat the first couple of days or so after she's laid the eggs so that she can regain her strength and get back to a healthy weight.

Not sure what to make of the eggs you found on the floor instead of the bin with the rest, though. If she laid in the bin first, covered the hole, and then you found more eggs on the bottom of her cage, you might want to take her in to the vet for x-rays to make sure she's successfully laid all the eggs. There also may be an issue with the type of laying bin you provided for her that would lead her to laying eggs outside of it. A pic would help.
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