First jacksons chameleon! Any tips please?


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Hey guys I'm new to the website and as well with chameleons. I have a pretty good knowledge of reptiles and there basic needs but I know chameleons are more challenging to own. I have a baby/juvinile female jacksons chameleon I picked up from a reptile shop in town, I have it in a Exxo-terra 12x12x18 to start, with lots of foliage for her to climb and hide. I also have a lot of branches placed throughout so she can climb as she pleases. I really didn't hear a good substrate to use if any so I have some jungle moss( no pieces are to small to ingest). But if any one has any suggestions about that please let me know! I mist the cage lighty multiple times a day because I have nothing better to do:confused:. I have two cups at the top for a drip system I only need to fill it up once a day, they drip pretty slow throughout the whole day. A reptisun 5.0 UVB build with a heat lamp. I don't use the heat lamp that much because it seems to heat up the whole cage to around 79 degree when I leave it up for long periods of time. The humidity stays pretty steady from 55-73%. I have a supplement with d3 that I have only used once, and am looking for a good calcium supp. But I've heard of so many different brands! What would be best for my jackson? I also have a mini fan a couple feet away from the tank, I figured this would help with the ventilation are circulation. Please ! Any feed back would be very much appreciated and I'm excited to be a new chameleon owner!!!

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Go to care resources on the Home page and look at the care sheet for Jackson's. It will give you all the information you'll need. I tried to link it but the link was incorrect.


This forums jax caresheet is very very good.

Although my females got alone well in a large cage.

Never spray their nose area as it can aspirate in their lungs.

I have read babies need 90-100 % humidity. And I believe it. I lost many early babies when my humidity was not very high. But adults seem to fair much better with mid range levels.

They are a blast to watch. And in a large cage they can seem to disappear right in front of you on a large schefflera.

I did try an idea to water them from a bowl. It was in my 1st female cage. 2'x4'x5'. I had 3 adult females and put a bowl in the plants with stones and an aerater and stone. All the females looked at it from a distance but one ran to it... ok ok walked quickly. She stared and stared, circling the bowl for hours. I thought man, I have the secret to watering in a bowl for chams.

Hours after looking at the bowl, she sat in it and took a dump!!!! llol

Stick to drip, and make sure water collects somewhere on the plants so they can drink. And spray plants around them, and never their head.

Very very cool pets.

Good luck


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Hi and welcome to the forum!!! Action Jackson gave you the best place to start with your new Jackson. I would like to see pictures of it and how old you think it is. Pictures of the cage would be good also as well as any info you can provide. A basking light is VERY important to your Cham, even if it is as low as a 15 watt bulb. If the bulb you are using makes the whole cage to hot then get a lower watt bulb. I currently have Neonate TJJacksoni and have a 15 watt bulb for my basking site, it only raises the temp up 3 degrees but is still important to there health. There are many here who can and will help you in any way we can so let us know if and how we can help. Again welcome


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Sorry I have not checked this thread in a couple days but thanks for the info I really appreciate it. The guy at the reptile shop told me I needed a small exo terra 12x12x18 but until I found this forum( I am probably just going to make her a nice big cage :) but I do have some photos I can post that are a couple days old

Her in the cage :) I haven't really thought of a good name yet anny suggestions?

The dripper was dripping right on her back :D

The next investment for her is going to be a bigger cage :):)
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