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This is my Blue Bar Ambanja. He is supposed to be 4 months old? when I got him in August he was 2" from nose to vent.


His father had a lot more red in him. Do you think he'll color up more as he grows or will he stay about the same?
I'm not an expert of any sort on Chameleons but he looks a little older than 4 months old. Very beautiful tho!! :)
Hi crow

First of all nice lookig cham, he does look a tad over 4months nearer 5-7months. On the colour side male panthers dont achieve there full colour range till there around 1yr of age
Whatever happens to him in the future colouration wise I think he is very beautiful!:) BTW my own panther became a lot more red when he was fully grown.
I also have a BB ambanja and have been taking photos every month to follow the coloration changes.

If your cham is getting the colors in the same time period as mine, then he must be around 7 months. Mine just turned 7 months so no idea how he will lood from now on.

You can see the pictures on the gallery

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