First chameleon!


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Hello everyone, my name is Josh!

So I've been eyeing this veiled chameleon the last few weeks, when my son and I went in to Petco this afternoon to get crickets for his oodles of frogs he's got, yahtzee! there he was again, my chameleon (now named Diesel). They had their 50% off all reptiles so happy fathers day to me! I just grabbed an 18x18x36 and some other things for him and home he came, what amazing little guys they are. Aside from a couple dogs I had in my younger years I've only had a turtle and a few scorpions, so its really neat to have another pet again for myself. I'm really just leaving him be other than feeding and misting for a few days hoping to make things a little less stressful on him.

I know this is worthless without pics but I will get some of him kicking it in his new pad soon (both for show and for any tips/suggestions you may have for rearrangment for our new buddy. I am hoping he will be a free range fella so i can't wait to build a sweet setup I have in mind. I have read a whole bunch around here and think he will be a great companion for us! Look forward to sharing with everyone in the future! Thanks guys and gals.
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