first chameleon viv


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hi everyone
i have just got my first chameleon its 6 months old . i am setting up viv i have got a all wire 2ft cube viv i have got some Fake Green Ivy Leaves and ZOO MED REPTI CAGE CARPET and a load of different size branches and twigs and all lighting and driper set up. but need help with some real plants can anyone advice me on the best to get for my size viv and were to get them from in lancashire.
Chameleons enjoy tall cages because they like to climb so much, so you may want to get him a bigger enclosure soon, before he is fully grown.

The more foliage he has, the better. Live plants are great for maintaining proper humidity levels. Most people here go with Scheffleras, Pothos, and Hibiscus because they are non toxic, and make pretty good house plants. Pothos are the easiest to maintain out of those 3.
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