First baby panther of 2013!!! + Question


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Finally our first baby Nosy Faly of 2013 has hatched. We've already got a baby set-up ready along with fruit fly cultures going and pinhead Crickets on their way (should be here by Tuesday).

This baby came from one of the 2 smallest eggs of the 30 from this clutch. They were laid October 30, 2012 & incubated at 73° the first 3months, graduated to 75° the following 2 months & 77° since. All 28 of the other eggs have grown alot but the hatched egg and 1 other are half the size.

My question has to do with as small as this egg was the baby is fairly small in comparison to other babies we've hatched. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so have the small babies done well/thrived or have they had more health issues than usual?

I will post pictures once its more active, I can sex it & I can move it to the baby enclosure. He's kind of exhausted with all the work he's had to do getting out of his egg today.

Thank you for any input/experiences that can be shared.
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